Introduction of the competition

Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK-Shenzhen, shall launch and host the 2019 University FinTech Competition. Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK-Shenzhen, strives to establish itself as a top-notched talent cultivation base in the realms of finance and economics with international influence, a high-level international research platform, a high-end international platform for academic exchange, as well as a high-end decision-making think tank. This Competition is mainly aimed at full-time undergraduates, postgraduates, Phd candidates as well as researchers who major in finance, economics, financial engineering, math and computer, electronic science, information engineering, data science, aeronautical and space technologies, logistics and supply chain, as well as the physics and chemistry from the Chinese Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Participants may select one from the four topics of Big data, Block chain, and Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and focus on the following applications including Mobile payment, Cloud identification, Life sciences, Supply chain finance and Financial supervision technologies,.etc to submit their project, which will be reviewed by an ad hoc competition committee who shall select the winners according to the final results. At this competition, prominent financial institutions and industry experts will be invited for the review, and guidance on and support for projects shall be offered to participating teams or individuals. This competition aims to create opportunities for international students to gain a profound understanding of financial technology, with innovation as the core, and at the same time, build a sound platform for international exchanges of financial technology.


MorningstarMorningstarTalent AssessmentCandidates rightsRegister
MorningstarMorningstarTalent AssessmentCandidates rightsRegister



12.13.2018 - 04.30.2019

Candidates of the competition should register all team-members information via our official website. After registration, candidates shall upload their project introductory document before the deadline, we accept multiple submissions, and will use the latest submission for the competition.

05.01.2019 - 05.30.2019

The competition review panel will assess all the submission projects in the first round, and the top thirty projects would enter into second round of competition and the result of the first round will be announced on our official website.

06.05.2019 - 06.30.2019

Candidates enter into the second round of competition will receive one to one professional coaching with our industrial corporation partners, and the candidates are allowed to amend their project proposals according to the coaching advices and submit their final version of project proposal before the deadline of second round. The review panel will select the top 12 projects into the final round of competition.

07.05.2019 - 07.20.2019

The final round of the competition will be in live format of “8+7” assessment mode. Every group of candidates have 8 minutes time to present their innovation projects and 7 minutes time to answer all the questions from the review panel. The review panel will assess all the second round projects during the final competition and make decision on the final ranking.


Rewarding ceremony



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