Liang Xu

Dr Liang Xu appears on the MIT Technology Review’s list of Innovators Under 35 and was selected as an expert by Shenzhen’s Peacock Plan. He is now Deputy Chief Engineer of the Ping An Technology AI Centre, and Director of Ping An Decision Intelligence Assistant (PADIA), focusing on the development and application of AI technologies in facilitating decision-making. Dr. Xu Liang received his bachelor's degree from Tsinghua University and his PHD from Oxford University. Since joining Ping An Technology in 2015, Liang has built up a professional team of more than 80 people, providing AI-driven solutions to not only dozens of companies within Ping An Group , but also to the provincial and national governments. Liang has led his team in making innovative breakthroughs in various projects and has obtained more than 150 national patents, winning multiple awards issued by IDC, governmental departments and other authorities.As the first author, his paper is published by the Lancet sub-journal and other high-level journals. Many of the projects have been included in industrial reports as case studies on innovation and are extensively reported by hundreds of media institutions.