2021 International FinTech Competition for College Students is an international competition jointly initiated by Shenzhen Finance Institute, CUHK-Shenzhen and Shenzhen Institute of Data Economy,CUHK-Shenzhen  for domestic and overseas undergraduates, postgraduates and PHD candidates. Officially launched in May, 2021, the competition encourages participants to select one from the two topics of "industrial datamation" and "data industrialization" to design data products or solutions. To demonstrate the innovative applications of data in promoting high-quality economic development and preventing economic and security risks, participants can submit their projects through one of the six sections, including “Industry Chain Mining for Enterprises”, “Financial Application Data Alliance”, “Data Trading Platform”, "Comparison for Smart City Data in Bay Areas ","Inclusive Finance Service System" and “Self-determined Theme”. After an intense competition, 13 teams have successfully advanced to the final round of the 2021 International FinTech Competition for College Students! Congratulations to the following teams, and we wish them great success in the following round!

1. FinFriend-The Technology Supporting Platform of Financial Application Data Alliance based on Privacy Calculation
Group members: Xiaowei Dong, Wei Yuan, Xue Wang, Shijia Liu, Yiwei Weng
2. Implicit Number Alliance Chain and Privacy Calculation Blockchain Platform
Group members: Han Zhang
3. The Credit Reporting Service Platform of Inclusive Finance based on Big Data
Group members: Yanwen Wang, Ze Wang, Hong’en Shao, Yujie Chen, Jiayou Dai
4. Tanpudai---the Credit Evaluation System for Emerging Small and Micro Green Enterprises based on the Carbon Emission 
Group members: Yichun Chen, Shiqi Weng, Ziyi Xia, Sirui Li, Dingwen Xiao
5. Jiagebao (Pricing Insurance)---The Long-term Contract Trading platform in a Mass Style
Group members: Wong, Hoi Tin, Wong, Sien Wai, Wong, Lok Sum
6. Yunbao (Cloud Insurance)---The Insurance Platform for Mental Health of Teenagers based on Blockchain Technique
Group members: Xucong Cheng, Qiaoyun Pan, Yanlu Zhu, Minjing Zhao, Xingzi Weng
7. Datapool
Group members: Yip, Jackson Ho So, Lee, Man Kiu, Cheung, Man, Leung, Ka Hei
8. Credibility, Tracebility, Security: Crypto Blockchain Data Pricing Platform based on Real Option and Multi-period Excess Return Model
Group members: Yue Fang, Fei Duan, Chengjin Qi, Xianqi Dong, Fu Guo
9. DeltaShare: A Data Trading Platform based on the Data Monitor, Control and Trading System
Group members: Zechuan Chen, Qi Luo, Zhijie Liang, Zuping Xi, Dongheng Chen
10. Comparisons of Medical Data in Greater Bay Area
Group members: Qianhui Tang, Huan Zheng, Naijia Liu, Heng Wang, Jiaqi Li
11. Talent Data Analyst of Smart City in the Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area
Group members: Zhengpeng Wu, Yanzhao Qian
12. Industry Chain Mining in Photovoltaic Industry---‘Qiyebang’, an Applet of Wechat in Relation to Industrial Chain Division
Group members: RANNA•YEERKEN, Chengyuan Li, Zhuorui Zhang, Yifan Song, Yue Gao
13. R&D Oriented Data Service Platform for Small and Middle-sized Enterprises based on Industrial Chain
Group members: Canhui Huang, Rui Guo, Zhaoyang Luo, Xiaoxi Zhang, Zhengyan Zhong